Strfkr Music Video Features Ed Eating Your Soul.

I love a good filet of soul. The new music video from Strfkr, ( Just get over it, ok?) features me doing what I do best. Eating your escaped soul. Check it out. Strfkr’s Satellite. Satellite_Shortened_New_B.00_03_43_04.Still029


C.A.M. Science Fiction and Fantasy Anthologies-From Mathias Publishing-Featuring Ed Faunce

Check out some great fiction from various authors, including me, in the C.A.M. Anthologies put together by Michael Mathias to benefit charity and honor the memory of his late mother Carol Mathias.

Fantasy Anthology

Science Fiction/Thriller Anthology

“Brainwaves” is a story I have been working on for a while that I am going to turn into a script. It is the story of a female police officer who after being diagnosed with a brain tumor suddenly starts channeling the thoughts of a serial killer. It’s a great story along with the others in the books. Plus it is for a good cause.