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I’m Ed Faunce and I am a writer, actor and filmmaker. I’m soon to be a podcaster too (Late September 2018).

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I am a factory of dreams.

I dream a lot.  I don’t sleep much, but boy when I do I write stories in my sleep. I literally wake up and start transcribing these humdingers.

When I was a kid, I sang while Mother played the piano, for dinner guests, the neighbors, whomever would listen. I started writing stories in grade school. Published a class newspaper in fifth grade. Wrote the script for a parody of Easy Rider called Who Cares when I was a freshman in high school. Then I discovered girls and cars. I decided to go work in a factory for 31 years so I could afford to live that life.  While I was working in the factory I wrote for the local paper and taught myself film photography. Wrote my first ebook in 2002 before Amazon had even thought of Kindle Publishing (I’m going to republish it soon. It’s a guide to becoming a commercial actor. I have to bring it up to the 21st Century. A lot has changed.) But I clocked in at the plant every day with the hope I would make it to retirement and do what I really wanted to.

I am a writer

In 2006  I left  the factory and went back to school. Finished my humanities degree when I was 51 years old, then started writing for my alma mater in their communications office. Applied and was accepted to a Master’s program at Ball State University called Digital Storytelling. Today, three short films and a book of short stories later, I am writing historical fiction, a horror script, and trying virtual reality scripts, (I am close to figuring out how to do it. So I will write a book about that too).

I am a filmmaker

In 2013 I had one of my co-produced films showcased by the prestigious Chicago Children’s International Film Festival and with my production company, Not Bad Productions, my next project is one called Beer Framed: The Daughters of Ninkasi. It will be about women in the brewing craft throughout the ages.

I teach and I write a lot. 

I still act when I have time, but writing and teaching are my main two activities right now. I think I told you about being a Kindle author as well,  having published my new book on Amazon, Trifecta: Three Stories and  I am starting to write some historical fiction tentatively titled Hitchhiking to Portland.  Look for it sometime early 2019.

Sharing my dreams

I like to share my creations with everyone, and have started writing a newsletter, Your Favorite Ed: Ed Faunce, Author, Actor, Auteur . I want to send it out and let people know what I am up to, and to tell some fantastic stories that are leaking out of my head.  If you want to subscribe and get Your Favorite Ed in your inbox once a week, just click on the links in this sentence. You can also click on the links below to find the Ed Faunce nearest you.  Have a great day!

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